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Likely Good Picks for all around use...12 gauge pump shotgun
(Remington 870, 1100, Mossberg 500)

12 gauge pump shotgun
The sound of the pump action alone (when loading a shell into the chamber) has deterred many serious crimes before they could even occur.

If you are on a budget or your wife has told you only "1" gun, this would be the choice of many professionals. And 12 gauge shells can be found most anywhere in the world, from Africa to America.

12 gauge shells come in many different styles. 00-Buck should be your first choice for a true man stopper in self-defense situations. Flettche rounds are 12 gauge shells loaded with 25± mini arrows and can defeat most body amour at close range of 25 yards or less. This would be an excellent shell against rioting, murderous gangs that often wear body armor to evade police.

Dragon breath 12 gauge shells spit a flame out the barrel that is most impressive, to say nothing of scarring the life out of a would-be perpetrator, and it they don't harm the barrel.

12 gauge shells came in a host of specialties and depending on the application can handle most any defense job that you ask of it.

The Remington and Mossberg models have been chosen because of their reliability and simplicity, and choice of add-on special items that can be installed by non-gunsmiths.

2) 30.06 rifle (Remington 7400, 742, 740)


30.06 rifle Remington

To choose "1" rifle is a difficult decision.
The rifle has many different applications and tasks required of it, so in this respect we will only dwell on the defensive issues of the rifle.

Many would ask, "...why not the Colt AR-15 type rifle with its famous .223 caliber"? First and foremost the .223 rifle just does not have enough punch to get through most objects. Ask the saviors of Waco; most of the rounds fired into Mt. Carmel were .223 and 9mm rounds.

All reports of the after shot read that the .223 shattered on impact hitting most wooden objects, and then hit the subject with little or no injury to them. Most .223 FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) rounds are lead filled under that metal jacket and have no retention after encountering any solid object of any kind. Only the military gets the good stuff - my father is not a U.S. Army General, and neither is my mother.

Second, the AR-15 type rifle is a very complicated rifle if one does not have firearm experience to operate and maintain it (cleaning, field stripping, etc.). Special Operation Groups laugh about the M16/AR15 craze that hit the public a few years ago, offering remarks such as: "…let them buy them all, we don’t want them"…

Most SOGs carry M14s and H/Ks into the field when their life depends on their rifle. Their heavy field gun consists of an M60 in .308 caliber. Now, most can not afford a true M14 and no civilian can have an M60. So … what is left? Plenty!

Most every hunter in America has a 30.06 in his or her firearm safe, either in semi-auto or bolt action, and some boxes of 30.06 rounds in their ammo collection. This caliber can punch through most houses and autos and will still carry enough blunt trauma to stop an adult in their tracks. Ask any WW2 veteran or Vietnam veteran and they will testify to the power of the 30.06 in combat situations. The Browning BAR 1918A1 in 30.06 was the most sought after weapon a platoon would ask for.

Now my reason for the Remington semi-auto models in 30.06. This rifle can be turned into a " baby Browning 1918A1 " in semi-auto mode, by simply adding an extended magazine offered by several companies (10 rd). The 30.06 ammunition can be found in a wide variety of styles and even in Amour Piercing (AP). --Always check local regulations for the legality of any ammunition round and its proper use. Just because you bought it from source (a) doesn't necessarily mean that it is legal in location (b).

3) 22 cal rifle (Ruger 10/22)


Ruger 10/22

Hands down, this is the best survival rifle anyone could have in virtually any situation that might arise. The after-market add-ons can all be done by a non-gunsmith and the performance is unbeatable. In a survival situation a .22LR (long rifle) caliber wound can be as fatal as HIV (AIDS). Not everyone can treat gunshot wounds, and a Ruger 10/22 will keep a head down, as readily as a 30.06 in a firefight. A 10/22 can be fired by almost anyone and it has virtually no recoil to scare the shooter into closing their eyes and shooting wild. The .22LR caliber is the cheapest and most readily found ammo.

One .22 round costs about 2 cents compared to a 9mm round at 23 cents. A big difference when stocking a couple thousand rounds. One man can carry 2000 rounds on him; no other round can make that claim. Rugers 10/22s can shoot all day without having to be cleaned, and will feed any .22 caliber round in the marketplace (except the .22 WMR magnum). Ruger 10/22s can produce ½ in match groups at 100 yards -- and that is hard to beat. The price of a 10/22 is under $200, and for a few dollars more the 10/22 can be a top match rifle.

4) Winchester Model 70 Hunting Rifle


Winchester Model 70

Classic Sporter LT The new Winchester Sporter LT has noticeable improvements over its legendary namesake. "LT" could stand for lean and trim. The stock has been redesigned by David Miller to be thinner with a more open grip and trimmer fore-end for superb balance and function. Cut checkering. Classic action with claw extractor and fixed position ejector.

5) 9mm (Glock 17)


9mm Glock 17

First and foremost the Glock is the easiest to operate in non-experienced hands. Another plus, the design of the Glock is made to accommodate both left and right handed shooters. The lack of an external safety and hammer make this a foolproof pistol in any person’s hands. Reliability? In the National Tactical World Match, the Glock 17 was buried in sand 150 times and shot flawlessly by all 150 shooters in the match.

Even under extreme conditions this handgun is built to last a lifetime, and it will feed all 9mm ammo in the marketplace. Why the 9mm, instead of the .45 caliber? First and foremost is ammo availability. The 9mm is the most common round found in the world. This round can be found in most any civilian home, or police station, or military base, and even gang hide outs. It is the choice of most law enforcement divisions and can be found in sporting goods stores or mom-and-pop general stores.

Second, the 9mm can be handled by most shooters, male or female, without too much felt recoil. Very important for that follow up shot. A .45 cal pistol is extremely hard on a shooter’s hand and only a seasoned shooter can handle the recoil that is generated by a .45 caliber cartridge. There is no doubt that a .45 is more lethal than a 9mm. Still, more good pistol shooters have been scared off a range because someone handed them a .45 semi-auto. It either jumped out of their hand or the noise scared the hell out of them, compelling them to close their eyes while applying trigger pressure.

The cost factor on .45 caliber ammo makes it a no-go candidate when compared to the cost of an equal amount of 9mm.

Finally, I have yet to see a .45 caliber style pistol that has not had its problems; and most have to go to a reliable gunsmith to be field ready. Most any Colt .45 out of the box needs this work, save the special custom jobs by companies like Wilson.

6) Colt 1911-A


Colt 1911
A Glock will come out of the box ready for a match shoot, and when every dollar counts no one wants to send their new .45 to a gunsmith just to make it shoot a wadcutter type bullet.

My personal choice for a functioning 9mm is the famous design by John M. Browning, the P-35, Hi-Power. It is a single action semi auto-loading pistol. However, this design is not for the beginner.
More Browning Hi-Power designs are in military holsters than any other design in the world.

Why? Because it works and even feeds ammo that 3rd world nations put on the arms market. Their are numerous aftermarket features that one can buy to upgrade their Hi-Power to a 1st class match grade pistol.

I used two Browning Hi-Powers (1967 models) at two World National Tactical Shoots at Gunsite, Arizona, and outscored all but 23 shooters in 1997. The top shooter used a Glock M17 in 9mm, and most of the good old boys that shot 45s either had feeding problems or their follow up shot was so far off that the range judges ruled them dead. At a Tactical Match you are only allowed 3 seconds of exposure, and if the target is not down by then, you are ruled dead.

I aced 9 out of 10 stages with my 1967 Browning Hi-Powers and the one stage that I blew was my fault, not the pistol's. I hope this helps somewhat in your search for the perfect firearm, in an emergency defensive situation.

There are numerous firearms available today for the average citizen for hunting and personal defensive situations. This list of Guns to Grab is intended for the average American that has little if any firearm experience, and has made the decision that they will not be a victim but a victor in a true break down of toady’s society. It is my hope and prayer that our "America" will always shine as a light for the righteous and god fearing.

30.06 vs .308
Springfield M1A1A .308

For Experts Only!

Springfield M1A1A .308

Springfield .308 M1A1

The choices I made in Guns to Grab were
(1) for the individual that had never held a firearm before and,
(2) for the ability to adequately defend themselves,
(3) while staying on a budget and hunt as needed,
(4) not have to be a semi-gunsmith to use and maintain the firearms.

An expert's choice might be along the lines of a Springfield M1A1A Scout or SOCOM (in .308 caliber), or "Tanker" as it is known.

That model is not (I repeat not) for the inexperienced. Among other things, it will eat your hand if held in the wrong place while cleaning or operating. The expert might think about making it a "Scout" style Model and place a 2.5x scope forward of the receiver (shown top) so that the eyepiece of the scope is over the rear leafs.

Col. Jeff Cooper has shown this setup to be a very effective defense weapon. You can acquire your target a lot faster and with a little practice, who knows? My reason for the 30.06 over the .308 is merely blunt trauma at ranges under 100 yards. A Model 70 Winchester sniper rifle or an M-14 RDF … both .308s and both of these are excellent long-range rifles ... are excellent choices ... but Not for the novice.

True, a .308 bullet has confirmed kills at 1000+ yards but only a few people can accomplish this act, and most hunters make their kills at 200 yards or less. Although it is not uncommon for hunters to stretch that shot to 300+ yards at camp or at home to impress their buddies. NATO has the .308 as their adopted caliber and most military battle rifles from EURO are .308 due to H/K Company contracts with government defense departments.

The hottest new Tactical weapon round is the .224 BOZZ pistol round. It defeats "three" Class 3A body armor vests and will shoot through a Bradley or Humvee (HMMWV stands for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV, pronounced Humvee®). It will be issued in H/K MP5s and Glock 20s to swat teams around the country. This is mostly due to the shootout in LA this summer where a couple of guys had on full body armor, and all the Officers were running to the nearest sporting goods shops to get 30.06 rifles to knock them down. The city paid for nine 30.06 rifles that day! A lot of today’s trauma plate armor is rated up to .308 caliber.

My "imaginary battle" rifle is a Remington 742 carbine in 30.06 with a Harris bipod and a muzzle break ... with 6-24x 50mm scope and 10-round magazines. It would have 4x night vision capabilities from Aris Night Vision Company, accomplished by simply unscrewing the base and screwing on the NV ... a 1-minute exchange time tops. For about a $1000, one could put a fantastic weapon system together for day or night applications.

It looks and acts like a baby Browning BAR 1918A2. I have tested it on trees and 4x4s and it chews them up, using AP (armor piercing) rounds. It is dead on at 200 yards ... and up close it is even more accurate.


Gary D. Winstead, Sr.
© Gary Winstead, Sr. / Alpine Group
All Copyrights Reserved

The .50 BMG


.50 BMG

For a true long-range rifle, nothing beats a 50 BMG from
a company like Barrett Rifles where hits are recorded at 4,000 yards.

.50 BMG rifles for civilians come in two action styles: a bolt action, and semi-automatic action. Several companies now manufacture civilian legal 50 BMG rifles, with single shot, and magazine feed bolt actions. Only one company manufactures semi-automatics.

After much research on .50 BMG rifles with quality and cost in mind, The Barrett Rifle Company stands out by far as the best in their field. Barrett produces several models of 50 BMG rifles recording hits up to 4,000 yards.

The 50 BMG cartridge was first developed for anti-aircraft and light armor tanks at great distances. The latest use of this round has been for sniper units deployed in various law enforcement agencies and military ‘black operation’ groups.

In conclusion:
I firmly believe that the next pages of American history will be written because of a 50 BMG rifle, defending law-abiding American citizens and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Gary D. Winstead, Sr.
© Gary Winstead, Sr / Alpine Group
All Copyrights Reserved